What our Customers are Saying...

“Even with yearly staining of my boat dock, several of my grandchildren got splinters from the weathered wood. I then heard about DeckReform.™ After pressure washing my old dock, I applied a coat of DeckReform™ in the morning and another that afternoon. My old dock now looks like new with absolutely no splinters, and it isn’t slippery like my old dock. This product saved me thousands of dollars. I would recommend it to anyone.” Larry - Lake Eufaula, AL

“Our 20 year old cedar deck was showing severe signs of age and many boards needed to be replaced due to splintering and decaying. Our estimate for materials and labor was $25 a board, and then would have to be re-stained as well. We discovered DeckReform™ and applied it ourselves and the results were fantastic! No more splintering, the cracks were filled in, and the surface looks great and is stronger than ever. DeckReform™ saved us hundreds of dollars!” Paulette - Douglasville, GA

“DeckReform™ is a life saver on our dock, literally. Last summer I slipped and fell while stepping onto the dock from the boat. Normal deck stains just aren’t enough. I still have a few scars and am thankful I didn’t wind up in the hospital. The non-slip surface of DeckReform™ is the solution. You’ll save my life for years to come. Thank you DeckReform™!” Martha - Lake Toxaway, NC

"You should have seen the way my deck looked before DeckReform™. It’s improved the looks 1,000 percent. I can also tell you DeckReform sticks to Composite Decking." Adrian Fanjoy - Rome, GA

My deck was shot and I didn't think it could be repaired. Quite frankly I'm blown away. Here's the point: DeckReform made it look like new and saved me money. The only problem I have now is the Georgia clay we keep tracking onto it. Dish soap cleans it off well." Ronnie Carmack - Locust Grove, GA

"I was about to pay a contractor to demolish my old deck, but thankfully I found DeckReform™. I applied two coats to the original wood and it looks and functions like a brand new deck.” David – Charleston, SC