How many coats are needed?

Usually two coats of DeckReform™ are adequate; the first coat fills cracks, locks down splinters and seals other imperfections. The second coat finishes correcting the imperfections while providing an attractive, comfortable, and uniform texture.

What is the coverage of DeckReform™?

Depending on the condition of the surface, DeckReform™ covers 40-60 square feet per gallon.

How long does it take for DeckReform™ to dry?

Dry times vary depending on several factors, including humidity, temperature and direct sunlight. DeckReform™ should be allowed to dry a minimum of 12-24 hours before light foot traffic, and 48-72 hours before replacing furniture. DeckReform™ continues to cure for up to 30 days.

Can DeckReform™ be applied to concrete?

Yes, in most cases DeckReform™ can be applied over concrete, but it is recommended to be acid etched. The concrete should be at least 30 days old.

Can DeckReform™ be driven on?

DeckReform™ is not designed for vehicular use.

Will DeckReform™ fill the cracks between my boards?

It is recommended that you use the Gap Cleaner™ to keep DeckReform™ from filling in the cracks. The Gap Cleaner™ will also help coat the sides of the boards.

How do I clean my DeckReform™surface?

Use a mild detergent and brush to clean the surface. If necessary, a light pressure washing may be used.

Can I paint over DeckReform™?

We do not recommend painting over DeckReform™; if you desire to change the color just apply a new coat of DeckReform™.

Are any special tools required to apply DeckReform™?

Yes, the specially designed DeckReform™ roller is necessary for optimal coverage, ease of application and ultimate texture (traditional paint rollers will not provide a satisfactory application or finish). It is recommended that you use the Gap Cleaner™ to keep DeckReform™ from filling in the cracks between boards. The Gap Cleaner™ will also help coat the sides of the boards.

Can DeckReform™ be used on vertical surfaces?

DeckReform™ is not recommended for vertical surfaces. Instead, use color matched DeckReform™ full body stain.

Do I have to use the DeckReform™ Roller?

No, but if you want to get the ultimate results we highly recommend it. DeckReform™ can also be brushed on, but you must maintain a thick coat to get the full effectiveness.

Can I change the texture of the surface?

Yes, if you prefer a smoother surface we recommend rolling on the first coat as per the directions. However, on the second coat, use a brush to lightly drag across the surface while the DeckReform™ is still wet. This will provide a smoother texture. Be careful not to change the thickness, as all you should be doing is smoothing out the surface.

Can DeckReform™ be used on other items?

Although DeckReform™ was designed for decks, docks, patios and other horizontal surfaces. We have had many customers who use it on a variety of things, including log cabins, furniture, metal buildings and so much more. We do recommend you try a test area to make sure it meets your satisfaction.

Does DeckReform™ have a warranty?

Yes, click here for more information.